The plane of US Bangla left from Rajshahi to Dhaka can’t landed

March 31, 2019 at 9:11 pm

Staff Reporter:

Due to bad weather in Dhaka, the US-Bengal flight leaving Rajshahi could not be reached at Shahjalal International Airport. Besides, a plane of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, which is also in Dhaka, is currently staying at Rajshahi Shah Makhdum (R) Airport.
These two planes are now stuck at the Shah Makhdum airport in the hope of improving the weather. The passengers were screwed in it.
Asked about the flight of Rajshahi Shah Makhdum (R) Airport Manager, he said that the plane of the US-Bengal flight from Raj Makhudum Airport in Rajshahi left for Dhaka on Sunday (March 31st). But due to bad weather, it was not possible to reach Dhaka. Finally, at Dhaka International Shahjalal (RA) Airport, returning from the land line for about an hour to fly in the sky, at 6 pm, returned to Shah Makhdum airport, Rajshahi.
The airport manager also added that, For the same reason, a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight from Rajshahi did not leave for Dhaka.
This plane traveled from Dhaka to Rajshahi at 4:20 pm. It was about to leave Dhaka for 5 o'clock in the afternoon. And the US-Bangla went to Rajshahi at 4:30 pm and left for Dhaka again at 5 pm. Which came back at 6 pm at Shah Makhdum
However, once the progress of the weather, these two planes have to be phased out for Rajshahi for Dhaka. The airline manager said that information has been given to him on behalf of US Airways and Bangladesh Airlines so far