Low pressure of the air blowing over Rajshahi

October 11, 2018 at 7:08 pm

Staff Reporter:

It is raining since last night. Besides, cold air is also blowing for which cold is felt. As a result, people are suffering from such rough weather. But, most of the people are roaming out of home carrying umbrella.

Weather Office reported that the reason of such rough weather is the cyclone ‘Tittlie’. Such rainfall is known as low pressure of the air. This rainy weather may be durable for some days. With that weather, windy breeze also may blow.

Weather Observer Latifa on Thursday at around 10:00am said that it was raining at 17.8mm rate within 11 hours in Rajshahi region.

Setu from Talaimari of the city, said “I like rainfall. But no task is fully done due to rain.”

On the other hand, common labors are severely suffering from rainfall. They are to drive rikshaw wetting into rainfall.